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Meads Market: Old school handshake and a smile


If you drive by too fast, you'll miss it. Take a step inside though, and you will be greeted with a warm handshake and a smile from owner, Jeff Meads.

Like his shop, Jeff is an old school guy. "I'm probably the only guy you know that doesn't have a cell phone!" laughed Meads. So if you want to get a hold of him, you have to call the shop or his home number. Jeff might not be the most tech savvy, but ask him about meat? You will learn a whole lot. 

As Jeff lists off the specials of the day from New York strip to any kind of pork you could think of, you notice what he values in his shop: Quality meat with a personal touch. 

It's the only way Jeff knows, because that's the only way he was taught. "My grandpa started this back in 1939," said Meads. 

Then his father took over from there. Standing in front of an old picture, Meads reminisced, "This is my grandfather, my father and me when I was just 18. Behind that counter is where my Dad taught me how to cut meat."

A tradition already spanning three generations, is now being carried over to a fourth. 

Ryan Meads has been working at Meads Market since he has been 10 years old. "I guess you can call me second in command!" Ryan laughed. 

Since then, he and his Dad have gotten pretty close and it's not just because of the small shop but it's because of the small shop that they share. 

"It just feels like home to me to be honest," said Meads. 

As the big chains keep growing, Meads Market is going to stick with what they know. "It's just the way we have always done it," said Meads. "Just an old school handshake and a smile." 

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