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Volunteers keep Freeport warm with creative clothing distribution


Despite today's warmer temperatures, people in Freeport will be ready if the cold returns thanks to a volunteer group. 

All around the city, hats, mittens and scarves hang from trees and benches on Saturday.

But they weren't left there on accident, it's all part of an effort called 'Chase The Chill'. 

It's goal: to help more people stay warm this winter season.

"I've been blessed with having a coat and hat and gloves and being able to get another one if they wear out, but we have so many of our residents who can't do that," said Roxanne Goodman, an organizer of the event.

This is the second year of 'Chase The Chill' in Freeport and volunteers say they distributed around 500 items. If you see a hat or scarf that you like organizers say feel free and take one.

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