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Mark's Mugs: A Facebook tribute to Mark Mayhew


Losing a man like Mark Mayhew leaves a void in more ways than one. We miss his laugh, we miss his jokes and we miss his brilliant mind. 

One of the things many of us instantly missed though, was Mark's mugs. A daily post he put on Facebook that abruptly stopped when he was rushed to the hospital. Even though Mark isn't with us any longer, those daily mug posts are far from gone.  

"You wake up and check Facebook in the morning and there was always Mark's mug," said WREX Assistant News Director Audrey Moon.

"That is the one thing I looked forward to every day he came in," 13 News Today Reporter Austin Love added. 

"Mark woke up very early," Moon said. "He did 2 miles on the treadmill before work every day and then he'd come in and he would have his one mug, a new mug every day, and he'd take a picture of it and post it on Facebook and that was his good morning to you. Always a different mug every day." 

"Mark just had an endless collection of things, the mugs were one of them, and every one had a story behind it," Love said. "The newsroom definitely lost a lot when we lost Mark."

"Mark is not there to post his own mugs and I think by people doing this they're saying we're gonna wake up every morning and we're gonna try and live our life a little like Mark did," Moon said. 

"He was just a special guy," Love added. "It was unbelievable to me. There has to be 100 of them on Facebook and every one I see, I like. 

We asked both Moon and Love what they posted along with their favorite picture of a mug in honor of Mark.

"I just posted when you're having your cup of coffee this week, say a prayer for our buddy Mark," Love said. "And then I said cheers friend." 

"I said you're the only person who was patient enough to put up with my mess and sit next to me," Moon said. 

"This is my plain mug that I had and I didn't want to post because Mark's not a plain guy," Love said. "I started having everyone sign it thinking, this will be kind of cool. We're such a tight knit group. This bad circumstance of Mark's passing shows just how close we are at WREX."

If you would like to see all of the photos of Mark's Mugs, you can see the photo gallery below or go to Facebook and search for #MarksMugs. 

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