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Day one of Todd Smith murder trial focuses on rocky marriage with Katrina


The trial for a Machesney Park man accused of murdering his wife got underway Wednesday.

Todd Smith is on trial for allegedly killing his wife Katrina Smith in October 2012.

During day one of the trial, witnesses told of seeing signs of a rocky marriage. Katrina's step-father, Bruce Edlund, talked about how she was considering divorce.

Witnesses also talked about how Katrina had moved out of their home in the weeks leading up to her death. One of Katrina's co-workers testified that Todd told her Katrina had gone missing in the past. 

"He told me that this wasn't the first time Katrina had gone missing or not made contact with somebody," Katrina's co-worker Christina Gonzales-Buyakand said on the witness stand Wednesday. "He was sure she'd turn up at come point." 

Both the prosecution and defense described a different Katrina Smith to the jury.

The prosecution says she was a responsible and traditional wife, while the defense says in the days leading up to her death, Katrina was "reckless."

Katrina's step-father took the stand Wednesday. While he said he had a good relationship with Todd, something seemed off when the search for Katrina was underway.

"He didn't appear to be enthusiastic to be a part of the search party," Edlund said.

Also discussed Wednesday was an incident where fliers with graphic language were distributed around the parking lot of Katrina's work that insinuated she and a co-worker were having an affair. The state argued that Todd Smith distributed those fliers, while the defense counters that, saying it was another co-worker who "liked the same guy as her."

The defense also argued that there is no strong evidence that links Todd to Katrina's death. 

"This is a case that was built on a shaky foundation of rumors and speculation," defense attorney Christine Darton argued in court Wednesday. "This is a case where the investigation quickly and unfairly narrowed in on Todd Smith.

The state is arguing that Todd "snapped," and killed Katrina. "And that vow proved to be a deadly vow: 'til death do us part," prosecutor Marilyn Hite Ross said in court. "And so it was: she died at the hands of Todd Smith." 

Todd Smith was seen taking notes throughout witness testimony.

The trial will pick back up Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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