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Auburn basketball team to honor Lavontay Allen


Auburn's basketball team is back to work after a tough week off the court. Sophomore Lavontay Allen was killed in a shooting just days after Christmas. Allen played on the sophomore team for the Knights. The varsity team plans to honor Allen by wearing special warmup shirts with a dedication to him on them.

"It's hard, it's hard," junior guard Yahmir Muhammad said. "But we still want to focus on what we have to do and we want to pray for his family. We know that he would have wanted us to do good at basketball and succeed and excel. We're playing for him basically."

The Auburn team was already a close-knit bunch, but at times like these, the team comes together even more.

"It's been hard but we're going to stick together as a family and we'll pull through," junior guard Terry Ford said.

Services for Lavontay Allen are scheduled for Friday morning. The Knights then take the court at Harlem later that night.

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