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Teacher of the Week: Angela Hulsey - Beyer Elementary


Inside Angela Hulsey's kindergarten class at Beyer Elementary School, you will find her teaching the fundamentals like how to count. One thing her students already know though, is that they have a teacher they can count on. 

Prince Chatman, a student in Hulsey's class said, "She is the nicest teacher in the class." Hulsey might be the only teacher in Prince's class, but she has a whole lot of love to give. "They treat me with a lot of love so I treat them with a lot of love. You want them to want to come to school so we want it to be as fun as possible," Husley said. 

By making learning fun, Mrs. Hulsey is setting her students up for success. "When kids come they are happy to be here and they don't want to leave. That's why we have good attendance. That's why we have good turn out and that's why we don't have bad turn over. I think that's important because we want them to do well in school," said Hulsey. 

A product of the Rockford school system herself. "I have only gone to Rockford schools: I went to New Milford, Froberg, Flynn Middle School, Jefferson High School, Rock Valley College and Rockford College." 

She knows how much her students can achieve in this city. "They have such high potential if you don't say, 'well they're not gonna go far because they are from Rockford,'" Hulsey said. "They are gonna go as far as everybody else and if you push them, they will go far." 

So while she is teaching them the basics today, she is laying a foundation for a very bright future. "I only have the best feelings for these kids. They are gonna grow up and just have success in their lives." 

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