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Teacher of the Week: Ken Husser - Belvidere North High School


In Ken Husser's classroom at Belvidere North High School the things on the walls show a few things about him. They show he loves history and coaches cross country. But what the posters don't capture is the impact he makes at the school.

Principal Marc Eckmann said, "We always want to know that our kids are getting the best learning opportunities they can. With Mr. Husser they definitely do." 

It's a great learning opportunity in a great learning environment something Husser stresses, "I want a classroom environment where we can share opinions, we can have discussions, and really in the end that they have value and that they are important." 

Husser spends the day teaching students about history, important events in the past, but there is a bigger message he wants students to take with them. "There is this thing called life that goes on. Sometimes there are tragedies and sometimes there are wonderful things that happen," said Husser. 

Recently, Husser almost experienced a tragedy in his life when a blood clot formed in his lung. Despite that, he was back to school in a few days something his student freshman Cullen White was shocked about, "He recently got injured and was back in just a few days to say hi to us." 

It's his students, Husser says, that keep him young and keep him going, "You're gonna get knocked down in life, but it's how you get back up." 

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