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Teacher of the Week: KC Goad


Inside of a loud, crazy and chaotic gym at Flinn Middle School, students run to work off their energy for the day. Luckily for these sweaty students, they have a teacher with enough energy to keep up with them. "It's a workout everyday," says KC Goad. 

Despite the chaos inside these gym walls, it's Mr. Goad who makes it a sanctuary for the students inside. "Flinn Middle School can be a hard place but he just knows how to make the best out of every moment," says 7th grader Jon Dumois. 

Jon nominated Mr. Goad for WREX Teacher of the Week because of the impact that he has had on him. "This is the reason why I wake up every morning, it's for him. So I can get to class, get to school and have fun," says Jon. Mr. Goad became a teacher because of students like Jon, "That's why I get up everyday," says Goad. "It's for students like Jon and the rest of the kids. I feel like I can make a difference in some of the students lives." 

And he has made a difference at Flinn by making it a place where students can get away. "I know home lives aren't always great. When they come here I try to make them feel safe and have fun with them. Make it a place for them to come everyday to get away from things in the outside."

From the gym to the field, where he coaches football, he is always looking to build students up. "When you got kids being successful, when maybe they aren't used to being successful, that's rewarding for me." 

It's a teacher like Goad that has made a loud and crazy space become a saving grace for his students. Jon says, "I am just so thankful for him." 

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