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Teacher of the Week: Brad Christoff

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Inside Hononegah High School, you will find Brad Christoff's classroom. The first thing you will notice when walking through the doors is that it's not the most quiet classroom at the school. Brad Christoff said, "I think that's what learning looks like. It's loud. It's messy. But you've got kids up and moving."

On this day he is teaching his students about economics but you won't find him teaching out of a book, those are stacked neatly against the wall. Instead, he is using a real world situation. Christoff said, "I'll try to use simulations as much as I can to get them moving, to get them involved, to get them experiencing what we are trying to teach. Instead of me telling them how a labor market works, let's experience it." 

Through group work he has his students lead the class. "If I can get them to lead an activity, they are going to take more ownership over the topic and ownership of the class itself," Christoff said. 

Senior student Benjamin Fiege continued, "He really makes learning fun. The environment really couldn't be better."

Christoff said his goal everyday is to have fun. He thinks that is the key to learning and engaging students. Its an approach that has captivated the students in his class. Senior Nate Fiorini said, "He is just a great spirit to be around. I enjoy going to his class everyday. He really knows how to get students ready to learn, he brings out the best in them." 

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