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Teacher of the Week: Cari Benkovich of Whitman Post Elementary


A good teacher inspires students and ignites a passion in them to love learning. So when Cari Benkovich's third grade student Katherine Hardwich said, "I tell my mom everyday that I love school!" Benkovich was overwhelmed with emotion. 

She was overwhelmed because of how much she cares about each one of her students.

Megan Forsythe, Principal of Whitman Post Elementary School, sees her impact everyday. "She really knows each of her kids." Forsythe continued, "What I love most about Cari is that she finds their unique traits and she embraces them for it." 

Cari has been a part of all aspects of the school from teaching special education to being the school librarian, but says she feels the most at home when teaching third graders. Benkovich said, "I mean they are just constantly soaking everything up and coming everyday with a smile. Third grade just seems to be the perfect fit. I think its the perfect age of kids." 

A perfect fit for Cari, who is also a perfect teacher for her students to have. Her student Katherine Hardwich said, "She makes it so much better and more fun like you want to go to school every single day of your life." 

It's praise like which makes all of Cari's hard work worth it. Benkovich said, "People say that teachers don't get the praise, but when you teach third graders you get praise every day because there are hugs and notes and pictures. Just the excitement that they come in with everyday." 

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