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Teacher of the Week: Julie Rohl


When students walk into Julie Rohls science class at Rockford Christian School, they know to roll up their sleeves and get to work. It's something that her 6th graders do on a daily basis. "Experiments. We got to play with dirt yesterday, which was really fun," said 6th grader Audrey Sliva. 

It's those hands on experiments that make science come to life for her students. Breana Pink said, "She makes everything more exciting than it would be if you were reading a textbook or something. Sitting there would be really boring but she makes it all really fun!" 

By making science fun, Mrs. Rohl sparks students interest in the world around them. Julie Rohl said, "My goal is that the students leave the room inspired. That there is something that I can do in the classroom that just makes them excited about learning." 

From natural science, to technology, where she has quite literally sparked a passion in students by starting the schools robotics team. Rohl said, "The robotics team got second in the world for an invention they had. That was really exciting. Since then, our robotics team has really grown." 

Principal Drew Popejoy has seen the passion that Rohl has instilled in students. Popejoy said, "The kids are always doing something. They get excited about things they didn't necessarily think about going into the class." 

Popejoy has a 6th grader himself. He finds himself getting questions he never thought he would have to answer at home. "He comes home talking about the scientific process. He wants to challenge me and makes me want to come up with a hypothesis for something. I'm like 'where did you even come up with these words?" 

Rohl continues making science come to life for students and parents alike. 

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