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SOAPBOX: Freeport residents share their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election


Do you have strong feelings about this year's upcoming presidential election? Many do – and we're giving you an open mic to say anything you want. 

We're providing you with a political soap box—literally.  Over the next two weeks we will be traveling around northern Illinois with one intention: to hear what you have to say about this year's presidential race.

Everyone has an opinion, and this year, those opinions seem to be stronger than ever. There are also people that have almost given up on the race, saying no matter who is elected, they won't be satisfied. Regardless of where you stand, we want to hear why you feel the way you do.

On October 26th, 13 News headed to Freeport.  Here's some of what residents had to say:

"I think we are in a lose, lose situation," says Jena Thomas. "We really, really, really need Bernie Sanders."

"I would like for everybody to write-in anybody else but  the choices we currently have," says Toni Delander

"You know what Michelle Obama should have ran," says Frankie Fleming.

"I think the tone in this year's presidential election has caused much apathy among many community members, many citizens," says Mike Marten. "And with all due respect, it has been a circus so I can see why people are kind of not caring or looking for a third party and not knowing who to vote for."

"I'm voting for Clinton 'cause there's no other one to vote for," says Sandy Pearson.  "I don't like Trump at all for what he stands for. I like her and I think she'll be good for the country."  

"I can definitely say I am not pro-Trump, but I am definitely anti-Hillary," says Aquin Senior Caleb Stovall.  "I would not like a criminal for our president, I'm sorry to say." 

"I personally think that the two nominees we have aren't the best choices,"  says Aquin Senior Sam Giuffre.  "If you don't know who you want to vote for, you could always vote for a third party or even do a write-in of a past nominee like Bernie Sanders, or what not."

"The third party is up for grabs," says Aquin Senior Carter Budenz.  "I wouldn't mind voting for Gary Johnson if I could. If I had to vote today I think I'd vote for Trump, but I'm not 100% proud of that."

The soap box will travel to a different city every day.  Here is the remaining calendar:

Thursday, Oct. 27 - Oregon
Friday, Oct. 28 - Loves Park

Monday, Oct. 31 - Machesney Park
Tuesday, Nov. 1 - Dixon
Wednesday, Nov. 2 - Roscoe
Thursday, Nov. 3 - Byron
Friday, Nov. 4 - Winnebago

Monday, Nov. 7 - Rockford

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