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SOAPBOX: Rockford residents sound off on presidential election


Do you have strong feelings about this year's upcoming presidential election? Many do – and we're giving you an open mic to say anything you want. 

We're providing you with a political soap box—literally.  Over the next two weeks we will be traveling around northern Illinois with one intention: to hear what you have to say about this year's presidential race.

Everyone has an opinion, and this year, those opinions seem to be stronger than ever. There are also people that have almost given up on the race, saying no matter who is elected, they won't be satisfied. Regardless of where you stand, we want to hear why you feel the way you do.

On Monday 13 News headed to the streets of downtown Rockford to hear what people had to say. 

"Well I'll tell you it's been the weirdest and the most fun to watch campaign, presidential campaign that I've ever seen in my lifetime," says Matthew Starnes. 

"I don't think bashing either side is really going to get anywhere with America," says Talia Skupien. "That's not going to get them good publicity. It's just going to get a third party elected."

"I like Hillary you know I'd also like to see a woman president, change things up," says Malcolm Furcrom.  "Trump, I think he stands up for what he believes.  I'm not saying I agree with everything he does. I like them both I'm not leaning toward either one I just want us to have a good four years."

"I feel that the president should care about the average person just as much as they care for people who have lots of people and lots of benefits," says Mark Beamon.

"Last Tuesday I voted," says Patricia Crossno. "And now I feel much better because my decision has been made.I knew I would vote for Mrs. Clinton. She's very very very in the know of everything and I think that's important right now  because the world is in a touchy space. I don't really want the other guy in there."

13 News will be taking the soapbox on the road every day until election day. 

Tuesday, Oct. 25 - Belvidere
Wednesday, Oct. 26 - Freeport
Thursday, Oct. 27 - Oregon
Friday, Oct. 28 - Loves Park

Monday, Oct. 31 - Machesney Park
Tuesday, Nov. 1 - Dixon
Wednesday, Nov. 2 - Roscoe
Thursday, Nov. 3 - Byron
Friday, Nov. 4 - Winnebago

Monday, Nov. 7 - Rockford

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