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Group looking to keep IL nuclear power plants open


Two nuclear power plants in Illinois are scheduled to be shut down, and a group consisting of labor, lawmakers and educators are trying to keep that from happening.

Exelon announced earlier in the year it will close the Clinton plant next year and the Quad Cities plant in Cordova in 2018 because cheaper electricity is causing the facilities to lose money.

The company says the plants lost $800 million over the past seven years.

The group wants state lawmakers to pass legislation that would keep those plants up and running.

President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Lonnie Stephenson says, "Shutdowns are always tragic, but what really gets me mad is that these plants are closing for no good reason. Illinois consumers will suffer without them. Energy prices could very well go up without them."

A study by the state of Illinois concluded that the closures would raise the price of electricity for consumers by between $430 and $645 per year.

Exelon's nuclear plant in Byron is currently not scheduled to be shut down.

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