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Teacher of the Week: Debby Krueger


Debby Krueger doesn't need an equation to figure out her 5th graders at Bloom Elementary School. "They are young enough where they still want you to like them, but old enough where they get your humor," Krueger said. 

Today in her class, the students spend the morning trying to find the volume of their classroom. But there is no equation that will help them find the value of their teacher, or at least according to 5th grader Da'Marcus McCullough.

Da'Marcus says, "She's kind of like my mom. She helps me figure out how things are supposed to work around here." 

A family like atmosphere, Mrs. Krueger takes the time to connect with her students and get to know them. "Every Monday when they come in we talk about what they did that weekend. It helps me connect to them," Krueger says. 

According to Bloom Elementary School Principal, Heather Novak, it's that connection that makes her more than just a teacher.

"By getting to know those students on an individual basis, she's a mom to those students; she's a therapist to the students," Novak says. "She's just an amazing teacher that will give all of her energy to those kiddos."

Krueger puts that same energy into getting to know parents too.

"The parents have to know that you care about their kids, in order for those parents to care about their education," Krueger says. "The parent connection is just as big as the one you have to have with the kids." 

It's the connections she is building at school and at home that are pushing her students towards the future.

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