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Teacher of the Week: Becky Hogan


You never quite know what will come out of a four year old's mouth, but luckily for this group of Jr. Kindergartener's they have someone who will listen. 

It's 'Dog Day' in Becky Hogans class and while students squirm with excitement to show off their pups to the class, she is just as excited to hear what they have to say. "You just go with it!", laughed Hogan."You just make them feel special with everything that they say. My goal is to have them love coming to school everyday." 

Its an attitude that has made her stand out in Rockford Christians early childhood program. Traci Larson, Director of Admissions says, "She has the amazing ability to teach four and five year old's. The impact that she makes is evident." 

While teaching is first on the agenda for Hogan, she focuses on allowing kids to be themselves. "Kids are kids wherever you are," Hogan says. "They just want to be happy and loved." 

A love she shows teaching that she finds from her own life. "I try to treat them the way that I would want my own children treated. Hogan continued, "When I think of my girls, I would want them to be treated with love and care and to also learn." 

For her students, its a day full of learning colors, shapes and numbers but what she takes away from them is the greatest lesson learned. Hogan says, "It puts everything back in perspective and everything simply. Their innocence and the simplicity of their life and it really can be that way if we just love one another and take turns and share." 

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