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Teacher of the Week: Lance Tuula of Whitman School


Learning is fun, or at least it should be.

But in Mr. Lance Tuula's 5th grade class at Whitman School in Rockton, fun is a guarantee.

It is why when 5th grader Brooke Mason found out that he was her teacher this year, she could barely contain herself saying, "I was so excited I started to scream!" 

It's excitement like that which allows Mr. Tuula to gain full attention of his students in the classroom and on the computer. Principal Megan Forsythe said, "Mr. Tuula is cutting edge when it comes to technology."

So cutting edge he even has his own website which Tuula laughs, "tricks the kids into thinking they are playing a game, but really they aren't." 

This may come as a shock to students, but has made a huge difference fro the way his classes prepare for the next step. "The business world is changing and they need to be prepared for that", said Tuula. 

Principal Forsythe continued, "He shows kids that its okay to take risks, that's how you learn and he's making sure he is preparing those kids for the next step." 

He is a teacher with a pretty rockin' reputation in the classroom and on the stage, where he spends most of his free time. "It's my alter ego, Tuula explained, it's very polar opposite. It's kind of a ying and yang thing for me. It kind of keeps me centered." 

But being on stage isn't the only thing that keeps him young he said, "They (my 5th graders) keep me young. They keep me on my toes. Lord knows I wouldn't know what the dab was without it." 

While he rocks and dabs, his heart is for his students. 

"I want to make sure every student feels safe, that this is there safe space." Tuula continued, "They can have a good time. They are going to leave learning something new." 

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