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Copy-KTTC confronts alleged scammers claiming to be IRS


It's something we've become used to, scammers calling and trying to prey on our hard-earned money. You're not alone. Thousands of people across the nation are called everyday by scammers claiming to be the IRS, FBI or the government, saying you owe thousands of dollars, you're wanted by the law, or worse. Just days ago, a Rochester woman lost $15,000 to scammers.

On Tuesday, KTTC's Caitlin Alexander received a phone call from someone claiming to be the IRS, saying "IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you." The person told her she owed $2,250 to the IRS. 

We repeatedly called the number, demanding to know how many Rochester-area phone numbers they were attempting to scam. The people on the other end of the phone continued to hang up on us. 

There are many ways these criminals will try to contact you, a few of them are e-mail, malware, phishing and phone. The IRS says the major threat to taxpayers continues to be aggressive and threatening phone calls by criminals, but now the IRS is receiving new reports of scammers calling under the guise of verifying tax return information over the phone.

The latest variation being seen in the last few weeks tries to play off the current tax season. Scam artists call saying they have your tax return, and they just need to verify a few details to process your return. The scam tries to get you to give up personal information such as a Social Security number or personal financial information, such as bank numbers or credit cards.

Even law enforcement are targets of these scammers. Captain Scott Behrns with the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office says he gets suspicious calls himself, regularly.

Authorities and the IRS recommend the same thing if you believe you a scammer is calling you, hang up. If you owe money to the IRS, you will get mailed a notice. If you have any questions for the IRS or you want to report a scam, you can do so by clicking here.

KTTC reported the scammer's phone number per the IRS' online instructions. Caitlin also called the IRS to confirm she did not owe money.

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