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Teacher of the Week: Joe Meersman, Boylan HS


Walking though the halls at Boylan Catholic High School you can see the connection that Mr. Meersman has with his students.

"He's always saying 'hi' to people in the hallways. He makes my day whenever I see him in the halls. He's awesome," said Junior Fiona Fulling. 

Whether he is in the classroom or just around students, it's an environment that Mr. Meersman has fully immersed himself in. "I really enjoy my job. I really enjoy coming to work everyday and I think it's the atmosphere we have here at Boylan," Meersman says. "The students and everything we have here is just so great." 

Meersman teaches business and accounting, but he says he is also teaching life skills. 

Assistant Principal of Academics, Penny Yurkew said, "We don't want our kids going into college and never understanding what a budget is, or what it means to have a college loan. That's a big part of all of our students future." 

While he prepares his students for the future, Meersman gets to enjoy watching them develop everyday.

"Since I teach multiple classes, I have some kids three or four years in a row," Meersman said. "Its just watching them grow as a freshman to a senior. Its pretty cool." 

Its not just in the classroom where he watches his students grow, but also on the field and in the community.

"The kids see that and see what a role model he is and how you can be a member of the Boylan community, the Rockford community, and keep giving back," said Yurkew. 

He's making strides today that he hopes will continue to have an impact in the future. Meersman said, "It means a lot when you find out when someone comes back and says, 'hey the class I took with you is actually helping me in college.' That's when you really know you made a difference." 

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