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Rockford ACT Scores Up in 2016


Students who graduated from the Rockford Public School District in 2016 had the highest ACT test scores of any RPS class over the past four years.

The composite score for the 2016 class was 18.6. In 2015 it was 18.3, in 2014 it was 18.2, and in 2013 is was 17.8. The highest a student can score is 36.

Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Ehren Jarrett calls the data "encouraging," and says the district is "moving in the right direction." 

The 2016 class also saw improvement in scores across the reading, math, and English sections. The average score for students from Illinois is 20.9. 

The 2016 RPS class will be the last to take the ACT. The district is switching to the SAT for this school year.

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