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Sportscore Two Mega Center on track to be completed by spring


Construction is in full swing at the Sportscore Two indoor facility-- and it may be ready sooner than expected.

If you're driving on Riverside Blvd. in Rockford - you can probably see the progress being made on the MercyHealth Sportscore Two campus - But you might have to look up first.

"Now the final piece of the Reclaiming First project is happening right before our eyes," said Tim Dimke, Executive Director of the Rockford Park District.

At 94-feet high and 133,000 square feet -- the new Mega Center will have turf fields, and be able to host six soccer games or two softball games simultaneously.

"The goal was to have the facility enclosed by winter, meaning the beams up, the sides up, the roof on... that way all winter long they can install the flooring, the turf, and the netting," Dimke said.

Right now the MercyHealth Sportscore One and Two account for $15.25 million of economic impact, according to the Rockford Park District.

With the recent success of the UW Health Sports Factory and the outdoor turf fields, Dimke says this is just one more step in the right direction.

"People are coming from all parts of the Midwest now to play there, they're leaving saying exactly what we want them to say, 'I can't wait to go back to Rockford for another tournament.'"

The upgrade allows for year-round use, something he says is key for hosting tournaments.

Putting the Park District one step closer to their goal of making Rockford the number one amateur sports city in the region.

The Rockford Park District expects the complex to be finished and dedicated by May 2017.

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