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Strong thunderstorms possible again this afternoon


Thunderstorms got off to an early start Sunday morning, as strong to severe thunderstorms swept through between 6 AM and 8 AM. Heavy rainfall and scattered strong wind gusts were all that was felt this morning, but don't let your guard down yet.

Severe weather is possible again late this afternoon and into the evening hours. Starting around 3 PM, make sure you are paying attention to the weather, or have a designated weather watcher if you are at an event or outdoor gathering. Have them keep an eye on things, and alert everyone if it's time to head indoors.

Strong to severe thunderstorms will erupt again along a cold front and area of low pressure that will pass by our region. These storms may bring another round of torrential rainfall and damaging winds, with large hail and tornadoes as a slight risk. Remember, if you even hear thunder, head indoors. You are close enough to be struck by lightning if you can hear thunder. Our window for potential severe weather is between 4 PM and 8 PM today.

Complicating matters is the amount of cloud cover left over from the morning storms. If we stay cloudy for much of the morning and early afternoon from the morning storms, severe weather is much less likely thanks to less energy building up in the atmosphere. If we see plenty of sunshine, the sunlight can help heat up the day quicker and provide a better chance for severe weather. We'll keep you up-to-speed on how we think the threats are evolving later today.

Check out throughout the day; our "weather headquarters" for you has a ton of tools to stay alert and track the conditions this afternoon. Our Interactive Radar can zoom down to your neighborhood level, allowing you to see exactly what is tracking close to home. Alerts will be posted this afternoon if severe weather happens again.

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