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Clinton calls for 'better listening,' empathy


Hillary Clinton is calling on the country -- including herself -- to "do a better job of listening" rather than fueling political and other divisions after a series of high-profile shootings.

Clinton says the country must address both gun violence, criminal justice reform and find ways to better support police departments.

"I know that just saying these things together may upset some people," she says. "But all these things can be true at once."

Clinton is speaking in the Illinois Old State House chamber in Springfield, the site of Abraham Lincoln's his famous address about the perils of slavery. She is trying to use the symbolic site to contrast her call for civility with what she sees as rival Donald Trump's polarizing campaign.

Clinton said she has work to do, as well.

She says that as someone "in the middle of a hotly fought political campaign, I cannot claim that my words and actions haven't sometimes fueled the partisanship that often stands in the way of our progress."

Clinton adds, "I recognize that I have to do better too."

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