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Area police patrolling to make roads safer for holiday weekend


For many, the Fourth of July means spending time outside with family, or maybe taking a trip with friends -- but while you're having a good time, police remind you what can happen if you're not careful.

"On the holiday weekends people tend to drink more, alcohol is a factor in a lot of our crashes and fatal crashes lately," said Lt. Anthony Miceli of Winnebago County Sheriff's Police.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department says recently its seeing more fatal crashes during the day than the night. Police say they'll be working all hours this weekend in an effort to reduce crashes.

"Squads will be out there, they'll be in full force," Miceli said. "The guys will be concentrating more on traffic and patrolling the neighborhoods."

Lt. Miceli says roads like Meridian and Rte 2 are common spots for crashes if drivers don't slow down and stay alert.

While he says the department isn't increasing the number of patrols, they are enhancing them.

"Looking for impaired and distracted driving, cell phones, texting, pretty much people not paying attention when they're driving," Miceli said. "Speed too, they run radar, we do a lot of speed patrols."

Something police hope will decrease reckless drivers - so everyone has their eyes on the road - staying safe and enjoying the holiday.

"Slow down - take your time." Miceli said. "If you're going to get there, get there safely. If you don't get there safely, you're no good to you or your family."

13 News also reached out to Illinois State Police who remind drivers if you decide to drink this weekend have a designated driver or call a cab. They say whatever you do - don't get behind the wheel.

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