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Rockford Lutheran Academy to use program to better teach students STEM subjects


Your kids may wonder what teachers do over the summer. Some teachers at Rockford Lutheran Academy are learning a new way to teach their students come fall.

Rockford Lutheran is part of Project Lead the Way. It's a non-profit aimed to develop skills in kids in the STEM fields. That's science, technology, engineering and math. Teachers say this program helps students in the long-run because it allows them try at something and fail, and then learn from that experience to succeed.

"I think that's something that's not only going to be really beneficial for them in the classroom but for life," Rockford Lutheran 5th grade teacher, Danielle Vanek said. "To learn how to make mistakes, to modify your design and then try again to see yourself succeed."

Rockford Lutheran is the only school in the Stateline that offers Project Lead the Way for students K through 12.

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