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Kids can drown even after leaving the pool

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As the temperature increases, so do the number of families at the pool. While many parents are aware of the dangers of drowning, that same danger can still happen on dry land.

"It's what's called secondary drowning. It's when children partially inhale water and the mechanic of them trying to breath ends up flooding their lungs later," said Dr. Chuang-Yuan of Swedish American Hospital.

Secondary drowning is life threatening and it can happen a full 24 hours after swimming, but there are warning signs.

"If they appear dramatically tired, more than you would expect from a trip to the pool, if you notice they are breathing hard or having trouble breathing, or super sleepy then keep them awake-watch them," said Chuang-Yuan. 

Here in Rockford doctors say they have treated cases of secondary drowning. Most of them involve children. While life guards are meant to keep people safe in the pool, they say they can't detect secondary drowning victims. 

"The best thing the lifeguards can do is educate the parents after an incident occurs in the water in which a child inhales water," said YMCA operations manager Trisha Tousant. 

Then it's up to the parents to pay attention to the warning signs that could save their child's life. 


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