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Kentucky Democratic primary split between Sanders and Clinton

(NBC) -

It's a split for the Democrats: "We just won Oregon, and we're gonna win California!" Bernie Sanders/ (D) Presidential Candidate  

Bernie Sanders, celebrating another west coast win

Hillary Clinton, eking out what appears to be a narrow victory in Kentucky.

Sanders' team says they'll decide today whether to call for a recount.

Either way, he gets about half Kentucky's delegates - still not enough to erase Clinton's large lead.

Meantime Donald Trump is working out a joint fundraising agreement with the Republican Party

And talking to fox anchor Megyn Kelly. In a retweet he called her a bimbo after a heated exchange during a debate last year. "Yeah. Did I say that? ... Oh. Okay. Excuse me. When I'm wounded, I go after people hard, okay? And I try and un-wound myself," said Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Candidate.

This morning trump is scheduled to meet with former Secretary Oo State Henry Kissinger to talk foreign policy. 

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