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Trump focuses on Clinton ahead of primary day in Oregon

(NBC) -

Democrats are looking at two primaries today, and Republicans are looking at one; Democrats in Kentucky, and both parties in Oregon. 

It could be a tight race in Kentucky for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton won coal country eight years ago, but today miners fear she'll take their jobs. "I am not going to let them be left behind," said Hillary Clinton, (D) Presidential Candidate.

She's hoping to hold onto a five-point lead in Kentucky. But that was two months ago. There's no recent polling there. 

Bernie sanders is expected to win Oregon. Today he's back in California 

But there's already a battle is shaping up between Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Senior aides tell NBC this fall he'll go after Clinton's character, Emails, and her husband's infidelities.

She's already hammering his lack of detail on creating jobs: "Republicans, Democrats, Independents, a lot of folks are going to be thinking: what's he talking about?" said Clinton.

This morning, Trump tweeted about today's Oregon primary where he's the last man standing. 

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