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Teacher of the Week: Erin Abruzzo of Harlem High School


Erin Abruzzo has Huskie pride.  She is an alumni of Harlem High School who returned to her alma mater and has taught math for 10 years there. 

"I have a lot of great role models that I had for years and they still teach here some of them," Abruzzo said.  "They really inspired me and I love math, but I really like teaching children even more.

It shows.  Students are understanding algebra and math problems better through abruzzo's help, and they wanted her to be our WREX Teacher of the Week, because of their success.

"I love math and its especially great this year because I have such a great teacher," junior Noah Landry said.

Landry nominated Abruzzo. 

"Every night when I stay after she goes the extra mile to really help me learn the topic that im struggling with," Landry said.

Another way she goes the extra mile is with her innovative teaching methods.  She created a Youtube page for her math lectures. 

"This is something that is not required of teachers to do, but I think especially with Ms. Sbruzzo, she realizes that especially with the younger generations that they learn in many different ways," Harlem High School Principal Terrell Yarbrough said.

Harlem High School Senior Sara Holjan agreed that her teaching methods help and that Abruzzo is always available.

"Math was never my strong point but she definitely knows how to teach it and she's just such a great teacher," Holjan said.  "I'm so glad she got this."

Abbruzzo focuses on keeping her students driven. 

"You have to make sure that they want it just as much as you do. im quite a pest. ask any of them," Abruzzo said.  "Its almost more difficult to fail my class because I'm just so annoying."

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