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Teacher of the Week: Steven Powers of East High School


The first year of high school can be challenging, but a certain teacher makes the transition easier for these students. 

"Within the first week of school I knew he was my favorite teacher and this was my favorite class," East High School freshman Annika Vincent said.

Vincent was referring to her world history teacher at East High School, Steven Powers. 

"Just the way he spoke to the students," Vincent said. "He doesn't talk down to them."

Its why he was nominated for WREX Teacher of the Week.  A student said Powers pushes her to get good grades and keeps her on the right track, which can be difficult according to administration, who said its a huge adjustment from middle school to high school. 

 "The best thing for a first year student in high school in addition to a lot of involvement in activities, athletics etc. is very caring teachers who keep track of them who support them and who push them to go forward," High School Principal Dr. Peter Verona said. 

Principal Verona said its the role Mr. Powers plays.

"I love my kids," Powers said. "I'm rigorous and tough, but I like to see kids succeed and I feel its my job to help them get ready for the next three years at east high school."

Powers has taught for 16 years all at East High School.

"I probably wouldn't teach anywhere else," Powers said.  "I went to east, my wife went to east. As a matter of fact we met here." 

He said its why he wanted to teach there. He wanted to make sure students succeed over the next three years.  He also helps them with writing, note taking, and test taking. 

"Like kids and like a challenge, because that's a responsibility we have, because you can destroy kids too and that's not what you want to do," Powers said.

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