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Trump won't commit to toning down his campaign


Will the real Donald Trump stand up? The presidential candidate, fresh off five Republican primary victories in the Northeast, says the Trump that people see on any given day depends on the political circumstances in play at the time.

He's pushing back against suggestions that he should tone down his combative campaign style as he moves closer to clinching the GOP nomination.

In a phone-in interview Wednesday, the billionaire real estate mogul told CNN that "I may tone it down."  But he quickly added, "I may tone it up."

Trump, who reportedly has been urged to show a more presidential demeanor on the campaign stump, said, "You have to be flexible. I will determine when I see how other people punch back."

In the interview on CNN's "New Day," he showed no inclination to significantly alter the bombastic campaign style that has landed him within reach of the presidential nomination. "I'm not changing," Trump told a news conference in Manhattan on Tuesday night.

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