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Teacher of the Week: Bob Schrom of Flinn Middle School


A Flinn Middle School teacher will retire this year and students wanted to make sure he received a WREX special recognition before he leaves.  

"He's so funny and makes social studies just so much easier," said 8th grade student Janet Fuentes.

Fuentes said Social Studies teacher Bob Schrom makes class lively.  It was why she and classmate Jennifer Gutierrez nominated him for WREX Teacher of the Week.

"He's a really nice teacher and he deserves to win something," Fuentes said.

She said their classroom is full of laughter thanks to their teacher and it helps them learn.

"He shows encouragement that he really wants to teach us," Gutierrez said.

The girls said his devotion to his students makes him an outstanding teacher.

"He should win this award for what he's done for us through out the school year,"  Gutierrez said.

Schrom is retiring this year. 

"We're going to miss him," his friend and coworker Robert Olson said. "Its going to be a big void here."

Schrom has taught for 33 years, 20 of those at Flinn. 

Principal Randy Bay said one thing that sets him a part is his experience.

"The technology, bells and whistles are all really good things but when it really comes down to it, its about teachers forming relationships with their students," Bay said.

Schrom said a good teacher is one that spends time out of the classroom preparing for the lessons ahead.

"I think he brings humor into the classroom," Olson said.  "I know he does certain mnemonic things for the kids to remember things."

Schrom said he became a teacher to encourage the students who may not receive the help they need.

"He's a great teacher and teaches us so much in such a short amount of time," 8th grade student Mariah Hill said.

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