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Controversy brewing in GOP over delegation rules

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Donald Trump is now suggesting the Republican Party itself may be trying to prevent him from winning. 

The party's leader - who tries to stay neutral in the primaries - is speaking up. 

Cruz admits he could be looking at some losses in April as Trump continues to argue the deck is stacked against him.  Donald Trump's complaints about losing Colorado's delegates is raising new ire from the Republican Party.  The party's chief insists everyone knew the rules. He tweets - "give us all a break."

But Trump tells CNN he thinks the party may be trying to derail his nomination. Trump's new top strategist says they're compiling evidence to challenge convention delegates. 

On Capitol Hill, House Speaker Paul Ryan made it clear his name won't be in the hat, but on the Today Show he left the door open for a former candidate to win.

"I'm not going to foreclose anybody's option," said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump's campaign predicts, and Ted Cruz admits, April could be rough for Cruz.  After New York Tuesday, several northeast contests favor Trump, but Nevada's Republican Governor now says he may not support Trump if nominated. 

John Kasich had something to say about Trump politics.

"That could drive America down into a ditch, and not make us great again," said Kasich.

Meantime the democrats are preparing for tomorrow night's debate. That debate is happening in New York, where Hillary Clinton has a 14-point lead over Bernie Sanders. 

Tracie Potts, NBC News.

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