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Rockford's Curtis Iverson wins Chicago Golden Gloves title


Curtis Iverson of Rockford brought the Chicago Golden Gloves super heavyweight title back to the Forest City after winning the belt last night. The 13 Sports Authority caught up with Iverson after a victory that's just a slice of his success with the sweet science. He's an E-Rab, now a champion, and a U.S. Marine.

"I wanted to serve my country and that was a big honor for me."

Curtis Iverson's road to the ring has had a few turns. He picked up boxing after a high school and college athletic career before joining the Marine Corps. He went undefeated on the Marine's boxing team.

"Wrestled in high school for Rockford East and wrestled at UW-La Crosse in Wisconsin in college. For me, I've always been into really intense sports."

Iverson returned to Jimmy Goodman's gym to train as a super heavyweight, mixing all of his experiences into a powerful recipe inside the ropes.

"Right now the heavyweight division in amateur boxing and professional boxing - if you're big strong and athletic, you can make a name for yourself," Goodman says.

That's just what Iverson did Thursday night - riding an emotional wave to victory in the Chicago Golden Gloves main event.

"It was real hard because it's something I really worked for. I just want to dedicate this to my brother Andre Simmonds. This means more than anything to me," a choked-up Iverson said.

"The Chicago Golden Gloves, it's a very historic tournament. Muhammad Ali won the same tournament back in the day. It's exciting to know that our guy from Rockford and the Patriots Boxing Gym, he's got his name in the history books now. It's forever, no one can take that away from him," Goodman said.

The 815 will have one of its own at nationals in Utah next month - an honor that Iverson will cherish while representing the region.

"The talent I'm around in this community athletic-wise, it's good to be up there and show Rockford that we're doing good, and we'll keep doing good."

E-Rab...U.S. Marine...Chicago Golden Gloves champion. All titles that Rockford's Curtis Iverson proudly wears, and he's swinging for more.

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