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Teacher of the Week: Mr. Phillip Potaczek of Marquette Elementary School


Students at Marquette Elementary School get excited about returning to class after the weekend all because of a third grade teacher.  

"Getting him as a teacher is like winning the "Willy Wonka" golden ticket,"Marquette Elementary School parent Janese Reyes said.  "All the kids get really excited if they get his class."

Janese Reyes, the mother of a Marquette student, said her son's teacher Phillip Potaczek is the best elementary school teacher in Harlem's school district.

Its why Reyes nominated him for WREX's Teacher of the Week.  

"Sometimes its hard, even as a parent, to get the kids wanting to go and get the kids enthusiastic about learning, but he makes every subject, even the more difficult ones, more exciting for them," Reyes said.  

Potaczek said its good to involve humor. 

"It just makes people feel really good and comfortable," Potaczek said.

Reyes's said it's his great spirit that makes her son want to come to school every day. 

"He always has a smile on his face and that's what I like because then I have a smile on my face and he is super nice," 3rd grader Antonio Reyes said.

Its also why other students like going to his class.

"It helps me learn some times and it gets a good laugh out of me," 3 grader Megan Nagel said.

School Principal Brock Morlan said he is a natural born leader.

"He is able to get the kids excited and energized about any subject," Morlan said.

Potaczek has taught for 3 years at Marquette.  He said he wanted to be a teacher since 3rd grade when he was encouraged by his teacher.

"When children see that young guy teacher, teaching 3rd grade, there's a curiosity there," Potaczek said.  "Its just something different and I think that's something that helps me stand out."

Potaczek said his actions have now inspired a boy in his class to also want to become a teacher.

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