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NIU men's tennis finding success with Swedish trio


Just call it the Swedish sophomore sensation - the NIU men's tennis team is succeeding with a trio of talented players from the same country.

"We've had a lot of good luck with our Swedish guys. We recruit all over the world, all over the country, all over the state of Illinois. We just happen to have three Swedish guys on our team. Kevin, Georg, and Tom have all worked out really well for us," says NIU head coach Patrick Fisher.

Georg Lundkvist, Kevin Daun, and Tom Hjertonsson are all taking advantage of continuing their careers at the NCAA level.

"It's something different, it's something really good because we don't have this opportunity in Sweden," says Lundkvist. "After high school, you either go pro or quit tennis. There's nothing on the university level."

The sophomores are all from different Swedish urban areas, but the fellow countrymen have relied on each other since starting at NIU. 

"It was a nice experience. I've always wanted to come to the United States. It's a goal since I was very young," says Daun. "It helps, not just on the court, but in school too. We can always help each other, give good spirits during matches."

The Swedes are also enjoying a different pace on the tennis court, bonding with their fellow Huskies as the season progresses.

"As a foreigner, it's a really good experience for the language and as a team," says Hjertonsson. "You win as a team. Back in Sweden, you played alone. Here it's a team sport, it's really fun."

The Huskies have gone global, opening the door to future commitments while the current talent shines in their tennis shoes.

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