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Aquin High School carries on prom tradition


Spring is right around the corner which means one thing for high school students; prom. 

Students at Aquin High School do things a little differently when it comes to choosing their dates.  For nearly a century the school has held a prom draw every spring.  

It all started back in the 1920's.  Children from a nearby orphanage attended Aquin.  The school worried some kids might not have an equal shot when it came to finding a prom date, so they came up with a draw. It's evolved over the years. 

"The boys draw names of the girls and then they put on a skit and then that's how they ask us," says senior Emma Deutsch. 

The boys say they try and get creative when it comes to creating the perfect skit. 

"What we try to do is think of fads of today and try to incorporate them so everyone can get a good laugh out of it, make some jokes along the way," says senior James Gustafson. 

The gentleman say it can be a little nerve wracking asking out a girl in front of your family and friends, but the skits help smooth that all out. 

" I feel like it's a big family atmosphere so once you get those first lines out of the way it's just like talking to your friends pretty much, it's not that bad," says senior Joshua Buisker.

Students say that's because everyone is just one big family at Aquin.

"We're really comfortable with each other," says Gustafson, so everyone just gets together and have a good time  no ones  really left out." 

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