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Judge grants late voting in Adams County after ballot shortage

Voters lined up Tuesday to cast their votes. Voters lined up Tuesday to cast their votes.

Adams County voters who were turned away from the polls Tuesday because there weren't enough ballots will get a chance to vote.

Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard went before Judge Chet Vahle Thursday to ask for late voting. The judge granted an order for a mandatory injunction to allow late voting for limited purpose to accommodate people who tried to vote Tuesday, but weren't given a ballot.

Voting will be open between March 21 and March 25, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the county clerk's office. Some voters will need to sign an affidavit. County Clerk Chuck Venvertloh said Thursday night it applies to those who couldn't cast their vote because ballots were not available. 

"They're stating on their honor that they were in line at the polling place, waiting and waiting, but had to leave," Venvertloh said.

Barnard says the polling places running out of ballots Tuesday was unprecedented. 

Barnard stated:

The mechanics of the contemplated process will be set out in the Petition for Mandatory Injunction, which is being prepared as I write this. Those mechanics will include proposed notice to all affected voters, limitations for eligibility, hours for late voting, and dates for same. The process will essentially mimic the early voting process.

Barnard says he wanted voters affected to have the ability to cast their votes. Venvertloh said the public will see notices in the newspaper and online starting Friday.

Gary Farha, who won the race for Adams County state's attorney, was represented by his attorney, who said they were neutral with whatever decision was made, but did share some concerns: The number of votes represented and Farha's opponent, Jennifer Cifaldi, conceding.

Barnard said the State Board of Elections was neutral, too. Barnard asked that the county clerk post about late voting online and notify anyone affected in writing.  During the hearing, the attorney general's office asked to address the court and the court took a recess to speak with someone from the office.

Once the ruling was made, Cifaldi resumed her campaign.

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