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Rosecrance will keep triage center open through 2016


Rosecrance Health Network officials say they will keep doors of its Rockford triage center open through 2016.

State funding has been cut for the mental health crisis center for two years in a row, even after money was promised when the Singer Mental Health Center was closed.  

However, officials from Rosecrance say they have gotten a verbal commitment from the state's Department of Health and Human Services for funding. 

State Senator Steve Stadelman stressed the importance of funding for it today during a senate committee hearing meeting, pushing his colleagues to help fund these Rosecrance services.

"The jail population has dropped by 36%, the county board chairman attributes that to the Triage Center," Stadelman said. "Police are spending a lot less time dealing with people who have mental health services, or problems.  The local hospitals have reported a dramatic decrease with the people they've had to deal with, has cost them money as well." 

Since July first when lawmakers failed to pass a budget, Rosecrance has paid $125,000  a month out of its own pocket to pay for Triage services. 

Roscrance says they are relieved by the state's verbal commitment for funding. 

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