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Teacher of the Week: Itasha Montgomery of Guilford High School


Students in Spanish class at Guilford High School love to sing.   Its one of the fun activities their teacher plans to help them learn.  

"She has a lot of activities to do that you can remember a lot easy," 10th grader Olivia Hagerty said.

The teacher is Itasha Montgomery, our WREX Teacher of the Week.  

"I like Guilford students," Montgomery said.  "I like Guilford spirit.  I like the atmosphere at Guilford."  

Montgomery has taught for 19 years and 17 of them at Guilford. Her teaching strategies keep students attentive and excited to learn Spanish .

"I kind of like how she teaches us and the reviews we get, because its really helpful," 10th grader Kya Mone Pearson said.

Assistant Principal Treveda Redmond said every time she walks by Montgomery's class students are engaged.

"She's here early in the morning and here late after school is out," Redmond said.  "You walk by her classroom, you always hear her just having a bubbly personality.  Student engagement. "

However, there is more to the job than just teaching.

"Mrs. Montgomery wants to see us excel in life and academically and she really cares about us," 12 grade student Taylor Franklin said.

Franklin nominated Montgomery because of the impact she made in her life.  She even felt comfortable confiding in her when her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.

"I ran into her classroom and started to cry, and she just comforted me and told she me she is praying for my grandmother and my family," Franklin said.

Franklin said students are excited to see her, even ones who are no longer in her class.

"I just really bonded with her and I can always talk to her and she doesn't care that I come in," Franklin said. "I come in all the time." 

Montgomery thinks its her mom quality that makes students feel comfortable.  She advises other teachers to Get to know their students.

"Get to know them on more than on a classroom level so then you can understand where they are from and better adapt to their needs," Montgomery said.

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