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Six Trump ventures that didn't share his success

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Donald Trump is known as a billionaire businessman, and made his money through several business ventures, including Trump Tower and the famous TV show "The Apprentice."

However, not all of Trump's ideas turned to gold, although a few may have been made from it. NBC reports Trump received flack from Mitt Romney during a speech in Utah, where Romney listed many of Trump's failed business ventures and declared "A business genius he is not." 

Marco Rubio also criticized Trump's business dealings, calling him a con man with a mixed track record.

However, Forbes estimates Trump to be worth at least $4.1 billion, and Trump himself claims he is worth $10 billion.

Here are Donald Trump's most famous six business ventures that failed.

1. Trump University - Trump University was an online college that launched in 2005. The idea was to teach the real estate and entrepreneurship strategies that Trump had developed, with fees ranging from $1,500 to $35,000. However, a string of lawsuits and the fact that the university was never accredited led to its demise. Trump is still in lawsuits from the university.

2. Trump Airlines - In 1989, Trump bought the Eastern Air Lines shuttle service for $365 million and planned to offer a luxury shuttle service to Washington and Boston from New York. After updating the planes' interiors and throwing the Trump name on the side, Trump waited for the business to fall in. However, the business didn't come. Within years, the airline had taken on too much debt and it was sold to USAir.

3. Trump vodka - Trump's attempt at entering the liquor market,  Trump vodka was sold in a skyscraper-shaped bottle, had a gold-encrusted 'T' on all four sides and used the slogan "Success Distilled." It launched in 2006, and Trump declared the 'Trump and Tonic' would be the most popular drink in America. Two years later, Trump Vodka poured its last glass.

4. Trump Steaks - Trump partnered with the retail store Sharper Image and QVC in 2007 to sell luxury steaks. The brand offered to "deliver a taste of Donald Trump's luxurious lifestyle." The steaks received mixed reviews, and Trump Steaks ended by 2014.

5. Trump Magazine - Trump's own magazine launched in 2007, touting what detractors viewed as 'wealth porn.' The pages had many expensive items and services featured, including yacht reviews and ads for jewel encrusted watches. However, Timing may have killed the magazine, as by 2009's recession hit, Trump Magazine had died.

6. Trump Mortgage - Another victim of the recession, Trump opened a mortgage company in 2006 saying "I think it's a great time to start a mortgage company. The real estate market is going to be very strong for a long time to come." However, two years later, the housing market collapsed, and Trump Mortgage LLC went with it.

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