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Kasich: I shouldn't have answered Trump question


John Kasich is telling a crowd in Michigan that he shouldn't have answered a question in last week's debate about whether he'd support Donald Trump if he wins the GOP presidential nomination.

Pushed by a self-identified Democratic voter to retract his potential support for Trump, Kasich said he "shouldn't have even answered the question" because he plans on "being the GOP nominee, not Donald Trump."

The Ohio governor reiterated his debate comments that Trump sometimes "makes it difficult" to support him. Kasich declined to engage on the questioner's comments that Trump and his supporters are racists and bigots.

Kasich is also defending his comments in the recent GOP debate that gay people who are denied services should find another business who will serve them rather than suing. The same voter is comparing Kasich's position to black people being barred from sitting in whites-only sections of diners.

Kasich says states shouldn't pass new laws until they are absolutely necessary. Referencing the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage, Kasich says, "let's just let everybody take a deep breath and see if we can get along and use common sense."

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