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ONLY ON 13 NEWS: Local woman steps up to help those with infertility


One in six U.S. couples face problems when trying to get pregnant, and one Davis-Junction woman is helping in a unique way.

For most women, pregnancy is life-changing experience. But many never get to have that experience because of fertility issues... having to turn to IVF, egg donors, or even a surrogate.

That's where Jamie Armstrong hopes to help.

"I've had good experience with being pregnant, I was done having a family of my own, I really wanted to reach out and be able to help somebody in a special way that not everybody could."

Back in 2014, she carried for a couple who struggled conceiving on their own. After doctors implanted 2 embryos, Jamie and the couple got a big surprise: She was expecting twins.

"I got so much joy out of helping this family, and to hand the babies to them and to see their excitement and their tears, and they had waited so long and struggled... and here I was able to help them."

Jamie is now on her second surrogacy and carrying for another couple. Having given birth to 3 children of her own, she says being a surrogate is an entirely different experience.

"There's a lot of background that has to be done, psychological testing, medical testing, and to start the medication there's a whole process involved before they can start IVF."

When Jamie knew she wanted to help, she reached out to a surrogacy agency.

"It's definitely a business transaction as well as an emotional transaction, which sometimes makes it awkward to talk about. You don't want to talk about money or you don't want to talk about business things when you have this couple that you're having a relationship with."

Which Jamie says is where the agency comes into play, dealing with hospital bills, insurance, and compensation.

Although surrogacy can take a toll both mentally and physically, Jamie says as long as she is healthy and her doctors say she can, she would consider doing it again.

Jamie says that at 5 months, her and the baby are healthy and doing well.

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