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Teacher of the Week: Susan Soenksen of Carlson Elementary School


A Carlson Elementary School teacher makes learning exciting for students, especially science.  She is Susan Soenksen, our WREX Teacher of the Week. 

"Anything that they enjoy doing and they learn, I love doing it with them," Carlson Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher Susan Soenksen said.

Second grader Ava Stella nominated her teacher because she takes time to compliment her when she performs well, and because of her fun hands-on projects.

"We do science experiments and we use ipads and we get to make land forms," Stella said.

Other students also enjoy Soenksen's science activities.

"The science experiments she does, they're really fun and also learning," second grader Malachi Yates said.

The kids were still buzzing about a volcano project led by Soenksen. 

"We put baking soda in a cap, that would be the mouth of the volcano and then we put some vinegar in it," second grader Hailey Karsten said.

Students said that thanks to their teacher, they are improving in areas that aren't their favorites, like math subtraction.

"We use blocks and we subtract them," Stella said.

Special game called "Buzz" is helping.

"Its a game that we play for skip counting," second grader Aaliyah Lee said.

Soenksen has taught for 11 years, all at Carlson Elementary School.  She said she loves kids and teaching them at this age.

"They still like to learn,"  Thats one things and I can still think of interesting things to do with them that they'd enjoy learning with."

"Mrs. Soenksen has a very kind heart and she is very committed to her students," school principal Dave Nold said.

Soenksen has a meassage for other teachers.

"You need to enjoy what you do and if you don't enjoy it you shouldn't be doing it and that's one thing I do," Soenksen said. "I really enjoy what I do."

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