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"Rock the Ice" created as area's first-ever high school figure skating team


According to the Rockford Park District starting this year the Rockford area has its first ever high school figure skating team.

"It's an individual sport so this is giving them an option to actually come together as a team," Rockford Park District Operations Assistant Monique Bailey said.

"Rock the ice" team Rockford, that's the name of the area's first competitive high school ice skating team.

"It's a lot of fun to just be able to connect with girls on that team level and to have a common goal as a team," "Rock the ice" team member Natasha Ferrero said.

According to the Rockford Park District for several years local families from Rockford, Belvidere, and Dekalb area communities wanted a team like this, so the Rockford Skate Club and The Park District worked together to form this U.S. figure skating high school team.

 "We are the sponsor of the team the park district helped us get the girls together, get the meetings together, worked with us to get them ice time, helped us to get a coach," Rockford Skating Club President Kathi Ferrero said.

A dozen girls joined this first year.  Before they had the option of being on this team. These figure-skaters could only participate in competitions as individuals.  Now they're a group working together.

"It's just a whole different experience," Natasha Ferrero said.

Members still compete individually throughout the year, but during their team season they go up against other squads from around Illinois.

"We had a huge fan base in the stands," Kathi Ferrero said. "Parents, people that weren't really affiliated with the team were there."

Right now, they're learning about teamwork and having fun, but being on this team could have future benefits as well.

"There are more and more colleges that are offering collegiate teams and so perhaps by participating at this highschool level some of the skaters will continue on when they're in college," Bailey said.

The team is gearing up for its final competition of the season on March 20th.  Those interested in ice skating should contact the Rockford Park District.

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