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Welsh Family Affair on Sectional Final Thursday


Boylan and Hononegah each play in a sectional championship Thursday night, which means the Welsh family will be busy. Sarah Welsh will be with Boylan at Rochelle, while her cousin Ellie Welsh will suit up with Hononegah down Route 38 in DeKalb, setting up an exciting night for the two of them.

"It feels really good. Ellie and I have been close since we were little. Getting to both do this at the same time is awesome," says Sarah, a junior for the Lady Titans.

Boylan's class change to 3-A with Hononegah in the 4-A ranks keeps the two Welsh's in separate tournaments and reduces the stress of potentially playing each other.

"I think it's super awesome because normally we're in the same class but this was our first year that we weren't so the fact that we can just cheer each other on instead of trying to beat each other is really sweet," says Ellie, a senior for the Lady Indians.

"It was nice not having to go against my cousin because we're so close. The class jump, I think it was better for us, I'm glad I didn't have to battle my cousin this year," Sarah adds.

That's exactly what happened this past Tuesday - Sarah watched from the stands as Hononegah rolled to a semifinal win, and Ellie was so focused on the task at hand, she didn't even know her cousin was there, and was stunned to hear she had made the trip.

"She was? I didn't even know that! She's been my best friend since I was ten months old. She's just always been there for me so that's awesome."

Sarah and Ellie have battled one-on-one before, but Ellie recalls one game of H-O-R-S-E that shut that down for good moving forward.

"Probably five years ago we were playing and she broke her finger so after that we decided, nope this is bad luck, let's not play each other anymore."

The Welsh's hope their family affair has a few more nights of good luck left with trips to Super-Sectionals on the line tonight.

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