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Teacher of the Week: Christine Pickel of Prairie Hill Elementary School


The first few years of a child's education are important for their future. 

A Prairie Hill Elementary School teacher makes sure her first graders have what they need at ground level.  

"First grade is about as important of a grade there is," Principal Kevin Fennigan said.

Fennigan said its where a foundation is laid.  One first grade teacher makes sure her students have sturdy building blocks. 

"She's an unbelievable teacher," Finnegan  said.  "She gets more out of her students than you'd expect for a first grade teacher." 

She is Christine Pickel, our WREX teacher of the week.  Principal Finnegan said her efforts are successful and that is evident because students are constantly improving.

"I can guarantee you what she is doing this year is not what she did last year because she is always refining, and making it different, and making it better, because she is always reacting to where her students are," Finnegan said. 

One parent can attest to his daughter's growth.

"She's challenged every day to be the best that she can be and she does it with every student," Chad Veitch said.

Veitch is in Pickel's class. He said Pickel spends extra time working with students if they have special needs to ensure they are where they need to be.  He also appreciates her communication, which is why he says he nominated her for Teacher of the Week.

"Mrs. Pickle constantly keeps the parents informed of whats going on in the class room," Veitch said.  "Every day we get an email of what happened in the classroom."

 Pickle said this builds good community ties. 

 "It brings in a good rapport with the parents in the community  to the classroom," Pickle said.

Pickles has taught for 25 years and 10 of those at prairie hill elementary.  she says what she likes most is seeing students learn and grow.

"She helps us learn and get ready for 2nd grade and makes learning fun," first grader Emma Veitch said.

Pickles said her strategy helps students become well rounded individuals.

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