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Rockford Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. raises funds for scholarships


A Rockford chapter of a national sorority wants to provide students with money for education.

"The goal is to raise funds for young ladies in the Rockford community for scholarships," Delta Sigma Theta Rockford Chapter President Luevinus Muhammad said.

Muhammad said their annual gospel brunch is a yearly opportunity to raise the money.  The event features performers, musicians, and spoken word artists.  Scholarships range from 200 to 1500 dollars.  Last year they gave out ten to local high school girls.
"We call this our crowing event for black history month," Muhammad said.  "So it is always going on during February."

Organizers said these scholarships help families, because paying for college can be a concern for local parents, like one Rockford mom, who is trying to figure out how to fund her daughter's education.

"The financial aid; where I'm going to get the money from?; are there going to be scholarships available?; what time of scholarships do the schools, she's wanting to apply to, will offer?," Vernetta Bedford said.

Bedford's 16 year old daughter Mariah is one of the performers at the fundraiser.  She is also a junior at Auburn High School and already thinking about what college she wants to attend.

"I don't want the financial burden to be on her," Bedford said.  "I just want her to be concerned about her education and succeed."

The Delta's scholarship aims to help parents like Bedford and students like Mariah.  Money is typically given to African American high school girls with a 2.5 gpa or better, who participate in community service and show leadership.

"They've used the money towards tuition," Muhammad said. "They used the money towards books and they can even use the money towards travel to get to school, for some of those students who are traveling out of state."

All thanks to donations that organizers say is money well spent. 

Muhammad said over 250 tickets were purchased for the gospel brunch. 

In order to find out more information about the Delta Sigma Theta scholarship for high school students, visit the Rockford chapter's website or facebook page.  Muhammad said Rockford high school students can also ask their guidance counselors, who were sent information or ask a member of he sorority.  

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