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Teacher of the Week:Nick Lassandro of Carlson Elementary School


A Carlson Elementary School gym teacher wants kids to have fun while getting their physical education. 

"Everybody loves coming to PE and he makes it fun for the kid," school principal Dave Nold said.  "He has some very interesting games that he does with them."

Nick Lassandro is our WREX Teacher of the Week.  He was nominated by 5th grader Danny Smith for the excitement he creates in class.  

"Everybody just gets to have fun, just run around, and everybody is laughing," Danny said.

Danny said Lassandro pushes kids to do better while being an understanding gym teacher.  

"I figured if they're having fun they're going to give me effort," Lassandro said.

Principal Nold said everyone loves going to PE.

"They just all have a very good time down in gym while they're getting their exercise and playing fun games," Nold said.

Other students agree.

"He's very nice," second grader Febe Lofasto said.  "He's funny."

Another student believes his exercises help him.

"I like when we do exercise, because when you do exercise you get ready to like play games," second grader said Kebon Wofford.  "When you have to run in the game you'll be ready."

Lassandro has taught for 18 years all of those years at Carlson.  He leads 5th graders in a school safety patrol and volunteers as a coach for boys and girls intramural basketball.  

"I've always enjoyed sports and activities like that and working with kids I found I enjoy that too."

He said he wants all kids to have fun so they don't realize they're working out.

"In case they don't like it, for the kids that aren't the best athlete, I still want them to give effort and try and have a good experience in PE," Lassandro said.

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