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Roscoe's New Emergency Siren


Residents in the Village of Roscoe are expected to be safer thanks to a new emergency siren.

"If there is bad weather coming through than they're probably going to be able to hear that in the house," Winnebago County Board Member Dave Fiduccia said.

This past week Winnebago County Board members unanimously approved a deal with Roscoe so the village can replace a weather warning siren. Roscoe has several sirens that have been installed and are set off by the county, except one.

"Currently we have a weather siren that is basically outdated and what we're going to do is purchase a new siren," Village of Roscoe President David Krienke said.

Krienke said this siren, located in downtown Roscoe, is 35 years old. Since the equipment is that old, it can not be connected to the county's alert system when bad weather strikes.

It's run by the Harlem/Roscoe fire department instead. Last April several tornadoes hit the Northern Illinois region and village leaders noticed a delay.

"The county's went off several minutes before ours," Krienke said. "It opened our eyes that we could have a potential major problem here. That's why I think that it's very important that we have one agency that's operating all the weather sirens throughout Winnebago county."

County Board member Dave Fiduccia said that's why Roscoe approached Winnebago County. The village just bought a new siren for 25-thousand dollars with surplus funds in Roscoe's budget. Now the village just needs the county to maintain it, something board members agreed to on Thursday.

"They wanted to replace their siren with one that was compatible with the county siren system so they made the proposal to us and its not going to cost the county any additional funds and its going to be a minimal fee to maintain that siren," Fiduccia said.

As a new spring season approaches, village leaders say these dollars spent will make a major difference.

"So, in a weather situation, a couple minutes, it could save somebody's life," Krienke said.

The installment is expected to take place in the next few weeks.

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